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When you’re choosing a venue for an event there are an awful lot of factors you need to take into consideration. Architectural style, capacity, catering options, licencing limitations, cost… the list goes on. But there is one very important thing that should always be at the forefront of your mind, and that’s location.

What makes a good location?


Hands up who’s guilty of flaking on confirmed plans simply because they couldn’t be bothered to go? Cast your memory back to the last time you did this and ask yourself whether or not the temptation could have been resisted, had the event been easier to get to. People are inherently lazy, so the shorter, cheaper and easier your venue is to get to, the less likely you are to have last-minute no-shows.


Having good public transport links is also important for minimising the carbon footprint of your event, and it will also save you money on taxis or shuttle buses for guests if they can walk from a tube or train station.


Pre- and post-show activities

Hiring a venue with lots of fun things to see, eat and do on its doorstep means that your event has some back-up in terms of appeal. Of course you want attendees to be primarily interested in your content, but decent shops and restaurants nearby aren’t going to hurt your numbers.



If you’re holding an event which requires delegates to commit to a night in London, close proximity to a wide variety of hotel choices would mean guests with a range of budgets could find suitable rooms. Do some investigating to find out what your potential attendees would like to pay to ensure you get this right.


Near the office

If you’re organising an event for your company, a venue near the office will mean your colleagues can potentially keep their commute the same as usual. This will not only save your company money on travel expenses, but your staff will appreciate the convenience in terms of personal arrangements like childcare.



Different locations are going to have different local limitations and considerations. Make sure you take these into account before you confirm your booking. For example, it’s probably not a great idea to organise a conference in Wimbledon in late June/early July. Nor is it particularly practical to schedule your event in the Square Mile on the same date as The Great City Race when the roads are all cordoned off.



It won’t always be possible to achieve, but if you can meet all the above criteria and give your delegates a little bit of escapism, you’re onto a real winner. Green, open spaces and/or moving water are good for the soul and will do wonders to lift spirits and get your attendees’ creative juices flowing. Taking people out of their everyday environment and putting them in an inspiring space will increase engagement and therefore result in a more successful event.


Regent’s Conferences and Events

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