Seven sensational summer cocktail ideas

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There’s so much fun to be had organising a corporate summer party. Choosing the theme, deciding on the games and entertainment, picking your catering food choices… It’s a fabulous opportunity for planners to let their creative juices flow, not least of all when it comes to planning the cocktail menu. Whether you’re hosting a Hawaiian luau or a sophisticated English garden party, our round-up of recipes will give you some great ideas you can adapt for your event.

Gingery Pimms

Pimms is one of the drinks most associated with summer. Usually served with lemonade, mint, strawberries, orange and cucumber, it’s a universally-loved classic. But how about going a bit off-piste and giving it a gingery twist?

Recipe: 50ml Pimms, 150ml ginger beer, ice and a slice of lime

Rose Prosecco

No one working in the events industry can have failed to notice the mild Prosecco obsession that has gripped party-goers over the last few years. Light and sparkly it makes a brilliant base for a huge variety of cocktails, and this floral number is a particularly delicious one.

Recipe: One glass of Prosecco and 1tsp of rose syrup (gently poured through the Prosecco, down the side of the glass)

Raspberry gin slushies

This is a fantastic choice for a retro funfair-themed summer party. Colourful, fun and above all tasty, this nostalgic cocktail is a sure-fire crowd pleaser.

Recipe: 35ml gin, 1 handful of both fresh raspberries and ice, 1 squeeze of fresh lime and 1tsp sugar. Blend all ingredients until you reach the desired consistency. (You might need to add a splash of water to achieve the perfect ‘slushieness’)


Lots of classic cocktail recipes work really well when you adapt them with a clever twist, but there are a handful of drinks you need to be careful not to mess about with too much, or you run the risk of disappointing die-hard fans. The mojito is one such recipe, hence this gentle re-working.

Recipe: Smush the juice of 1 lime, 1tsp sugar and a handful of mint leaves together. Pour 45ml of white rum over ice in a glass, then add the lime mixture and add soda water to taste. Garnish with a lime wedge, fresh mint leaves and (here comes the twist!) a long stick of cucumber which will double up as a stirrer.

Pimms sorbet

Okay, so not technically a cocktail, but when served in a cone at a summer party, it’s every bit as refreshing.

Recipe: 200g sugar, 300ml water, 200ml Pimms, handful of both cucumber and strawberries plus a sprig of mint. Warm the sugar and water, then add the strawberries, mint and cucumber to infuse. Once cooled, drain and keep the liquid, add the remaining ingredients, churn in an ice cream maker and freeze.

Lemon drop vodka

Lemon is a fantastic flavour for summer drinks. Zingy, refreshing and sweet, it’s a great flavour for lots of spirits and vodka is no exception.

Recipe: 35ml vodka, 1tsp sugar syrup and fresh lemon juice. Mix together all the ingredients over ice and add soda water (and more lemon and syrup) to taste.

Mango margarita

Tropical fruits are synonymous with summer, so why not add an extra layer of ‘exotic’ to your margaritas? This cocktail has all the punch of the traditional recipe, but also a smooth, sweet side to its flavour.

Recipe: 35ml tequila, 1 handful of chopped, frozen mango, squeeze of fresh lime and a splash Cointreau. Blend all ingredients together until smooth and serve.

If you need any further inspiration for your drinks menus for your summer party at Regent’s, get in touch with our friendly events team.

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