Why booking early for summer events makes sense

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As the Christmas season reaches fever pitch, here at Regent’s we like to buck the trend and start thinking about our favourite time of year – summer! With just six months to go until the warm weather returns, we think it’s the ideal time to book your event space and get your plans underway, and here’s why…

Getting your first choice

Good venues get booked up early. As well as organisers who like to get ahead of the game, you’ll be competing against re-bookers who will have their preferred slot pencilled in way in advance. To ensure you can secure the date that works for your company, it makes sense to start putting feelers out to your short list of venues as early as possible.

It’s also a good idea to think about suppliers you might want for the same reasons. Summer parties are the time to say thanks to colleagues and clients, so all the extras like entertainment and games are a huge part of what will make your event a success.

Reducing stress

It’s no secret that organising events can be a stressful job. With so many things to do and deadlines to meet, one of the best ways to keep unnecessary angst to a minimum is securing an early bird booking. Getting a head start on proceedings can have a knock-on effect of bringing deadlines forward which ultimately leads to a less stressful run up to the big day.

Your guest list

A party’s not a party without guests. That might sound like an obvious statement, but you might also be surprised at how early on people plan for their summer holidays. Without getting a save the date out well in advance, you’re running the risk of losing out on a lot of potential attendees.


Whether you’re working to a strict budget or not, it always makes sense to be as frugal as possible when it comes to spending on events. Even if you don’t need to save the pennies, it means you get to spend more on what really matters to you and your guests. Booking up your venue and suppliers early might mean you benefit from a discount, or at least give you the chance to take a mid-week or off-peak date that might come in a little cheaper.

Time for the extras

Quite often, the best ideas come along during the journey of planning an event, not at the early brain storming sessions. This is because as you begin to put the wheels in motion, your team can start to visualise how the event might look and feel. The sooner this process gets underway the better, as it gives you more time and space to dream up and execute those special touches that will help make your event so memorable.

Getting it right

Not having to rush your venue choice will give you an opportunity to ensure you gel with the in-house events team you’ll be working with. It’s a hugely important relationship which relies on trust and a shared vision. Here at Regent’s, we pride ourselves on the dedication and creativity of our staff. They always go the extra mile in an effort to say yes to whatever their clients request, even if it seems impossible! To discuss your ideas for your summer party, contact us or call Regent’s on +44(0) 20 7487 7540.

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