Children’s Party Theme Ideas

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Kids’ parties are magical occasions. Every year we get more and more bookings and with each event it seems the games, décor, entertainment and catering gets more and more imaginative. If you’re looking to host a children’s party, take inspiration from our round-up of some of the best themes and special touches we’ve seen.

Arty crafty party

Set up about half a dozen different arts and crafts stations around your party space. The choice of activities is endless and could include stuffing soft toys, decorating photo frames, painting plates and making slime. It’s a good idea to have a grown up at each table to guide the children and you could give each child a card which gets stamped after completing each task.

Petting zoo

All children love animals and whether they prefer exotic reptiles, creepy crawlies, cuddly house pets or even small farm animals, there will be a specific party company that can cater for their tastes. The kids will be given the chance to interact with the animals and the expert hosts will teach them about each creature in turn. You could even ask the children to dress up as their favourite animal to really get everyone in the spirit of things!

Enchanted forest

This is a great theme for parents who enjoy getting creative with decorations, as it’s all about atmosphere with this theme. To create a woodland scene you’ll need to incorporate as much foliage, shrubbery, flowers and trees as possible into your room. This can be a mixture of fake, potted, dried and cut – just make sure it’s plentiful. Fairy lights and bubble machines will help add mystique and fun and producing ‘toadstools’ for the kids to sit on at tea time will cause much hilarity. To go the whole hog, you could even ask your guests to dress up as pixies, fairies and elves.


If possible, pirate parties work best outside – or inside with lots of space – and with an actual pirate ship. Spirits will be high so energetic games, like a swashbuckling assault course will work brilliantly and tire out your party goers. Organising a treasure hunt with chocolate coins is another great way for the children to expel some energy as is ‘Captain’ Says (a nautical-themed version of Simon Says). For the party tea, an easy way to theme the food is to use a black, white and red colour-scheme and plenty of stripes.


Get guests to dress up as astronauts and aliens to get this other worldly party started. Decorate your room with lots of foil stars and fairy lights and hang blow up ‘planets’ from the ceiling. For activities you could get the kids to create their own mini galaxies by painting various sized polystyrene balls different colours and hanging them in orbit around the sun. As a sweet treat, you could treat the children to different coloured planet cake pops.

Sports day

Now for this one you really do need an outside space. Group the children into teams and let them each have a turn at about half a dozen activities. Hula hoop, long jump, high jump, javelin (albeit a small, plastic one)… If you want to make it competitive, create a scoring system, add up the totals and award prizes to the winning team. To ensure all participants feel rewarded for their efforts, you could pop a medal into each child’s party bag.

Your next kids’ party at Regent’s

If you’re struggling for ideas, our creative team of organisers loves helping with theming. Just get in touch with the team to discuss which of our indoor and outdoor event spaces would work best for you and your preferred dates. You can also check out our list of suppliers for inspiration on innovative theming and props.

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