Five reasons to choose an academic venue for your event

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Every planner knows wants the ideal meeting space that engages audiences and maximises focus, creativity and learning. This is key to the success of an event.

If the environment is not conducive to gaining new knowledge or skills, it can be hard to keep attendees interested. This means the core objectives of your event may well not be met. This could be to update them on your brand strategy, educate them about your latest products or encourage them to work together more effectively.

Few venues are better set up to help your attendees learn than academic venues such as universities and colleges. So why not take your corporate event back to school and see the positive impact of being in a place of learning and discovery?

University settings are often overlooked as corporate venues. There are many benefits of choosing an academic venue for your business events.

  1. Unique learning inspired backdrops

Firstly, a strategic change of venue can reinvigorate your people to rise to the task at hand. Most spaces within university buildings are specifically designed to foster learning and innovation.

Getting employees outside their day-to-day environment can spark creativity, and a university can provide just the right stimulating atmosphere to generate new ideas and increase dialogue between attendees.

Academic venues can also provide access to some of the brightest minds and leading research studies. This could enhance your content sessions and overall experience.

  1. Prestige & location

Steeped in rich history and tradition, many universities feature impressive architectural surroundings that would befit any occasion. Well-respected academic institutions also hold considerable prestige, which can be appealing if you’re looking to attract high-profile clientele to your conference or event.

Based in the heart of Regent’s Park, Regent’s University London is one of the UK’s most respected independent universities and its buildings have a rich and diverse history. It also boasts a fantastic location, well served by frequent public transport making it easy for delegates to reach. With Marylebone, Camden, and Westminster nearby, there’s plenty to explore.

  1. Versatility

Academic venues offer character and personality, exciting architecture and a wide variety of different event spaces and venues in one. They are therefore well suited to a range of events, including those with multiple room requirements.

Ideal for a keynote address or plenary session, Regent’s Events’ largest space is Tuke Hall auditorium, a purpose-built theatre seating 370 guests. Characterful Herringham Hall features high ceilings and arch windows that create an inspiring space flooded with natural light, seating 120.

Perfect for brainstorming sessions for groups of up to 40, Knapp Gallery is a light and airy contemporary room. Its ever-changing art exhibitions inject a unique sense of creativity into events. Meanwhile, Tuke Common Room is made up of three interconnecting areas, giving planners a range of possible set-up options. From board meetings and training events in the daytime, to evening receptions, the space can hold up to 100 guests.

These four spaces are available throughout the year. There are also a series of classrooms available to hire at weekends and outside of term time.

  1. Tech savvy

Academic venues are used to catering for hundreds of tech-savvy students. They will often provide the latest technology solutions including superior AV equipment, computer suites and superfast Wi-Fi.

Regent’s’ spaces include an auditorium with a fully integrated PA system, complete with an HD projector, 16:9 screen, monitors and microphones. All the feature rooms and classrooms come with a projector screen or 80” monitor, Wi-Fi and a PC. There’s also a long list of equipment clients can hire, and a technical support team onsite.

  1. Outside space

Most universities are spread out across large campuses. This gives planners access to additional outdoor spaces for teambuilding and al fresco events, as well as space for delegates to unwind between sessions.

Despite being in the heart of London, Regent’s is not only situated in tranquil gardens, but also located in Regent’s Park. Planners are therefore offered an unexpected rural haven where the countryside meets the city.

As London’s second-largest private hireable outside space, we have four acres of landscaped lawns for summer events of up to 1,200 guests. A stunning ivory-lined marquee is also available from May to September. For more intimate occasions, the exclusive Secret Garden, established in 1904, is a magical hidden gem for up to 100 guests. This is known to few and concealed behind foliage away from the main campus.

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