How to host the perfect one room event

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Being a fabulous event organiser takes a lot of skill. Mastering the art of delegation, being meticulous with details, foreseeing problems before they happen… However, an event is more than just logistics. As any planner will already know, a truly brilliant event requires a large dose of vision, particularly if you’re having to use one space and want to offer guests a multi-faceted experience.

Hosting a one room event doesn’t have to limit your creativity. Here at Regent’s, we’ve hosted some amazing parties, briefings, product launches and meetings which have seen our beautiful rooms totally transformed. We wanted to share with you some of the techniques other organisers have used to help take their events to the next level.

Choosing the right space

Although a lot depends on how you dress a room, it’s really important that you choose the right space in the first place and that the staff at your venue are accommodating to your needs. Natural light, ceiling height, period features and flooring are all going to make a difference to your event’s overall look, so take note of the foundations of your space that could enhance your overall look.

One room, lots of zones

The secret of creating a dynamic event in one space is to create several distinct areas within the room. It’s also important that the natural visitor flow allows attendees to move fluidly through the space.

  • Registration – as you would expect, this should be right by the entrance to the room and be the first place all of your guests reach. Once they have deposited their coats and bags and picked up their name badges, draw them away from the area by placing serving staff with welcome drinks a little distance into the room.
  • Visuals and displays – if you need to showcase any products or pictures, make sure these are placed in prominent positions throughout the room. This is a great way to guide attendees through your space.
  • Catering – several different food stations in your space, each serving different dishes, is another useful tool to encourage flow. Chefs cooking in front of your guests will bring the room to life and help create a buzz. Also, setting the bar up at the end of the room will ensure every one of your guests travels the entire length of the space during their time at your event.
  • Stages – speeches and presentations should be conducted on a raised platform which would be well placed at the far end of the room. To create a sense of occasion during these times, appropriate stage lighting should be used.
  • Photos – creating an area specifically for photos can really help encourage guests to get snapping and to share pictures of your event on social media, which is obviously great from a marketing perspective. It also gives organisers a chance to introduce fun and colourful props which could liven up proceedings.


To keep the momentum of your event going, it’s important to stagger activities and interactions like ‘live cooking’, entertainment, presentations and speeches. Make sure these are evenly spaced out and save some of the most eagerly anticipated parts until near the end of your event to keep your audience engaged throughout. If you’re planning on handing out goodie bags, it never hurts to have them in sight to encourage people to stay for the duration.

Our spaces

We have three main rooms which can hold up to 100 guests for meetings, parties and events, plus a state-of-the-art theatre, cinema and a few dozen more meeting rooms. Our events team is well practiced at helping organisers realise their goals by offering all the advice and support they need during the planning journey. Get in touch to discuss your ideas on 020 7487 7540.

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