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It will be no news to any event organiser that the British weather can be somewhat unpredictable. From rain storms and strong winds to high temperatures and blinding sun, there’s nothing a summer’s day can’t throw at you. So how does a planner protect themselves from all the variables of an erratic climate? The events team at Regent’s hosts dozens of summer parties every year and have seen it all… so read on for our advice on how to weather-proof your event.

Come rain or shine

Strong sun is just as much of a potential party pooper as a torrential downpour, so make sure you hire or borrow both parasols and umbrellas to cover your bases. It’s always worth applying your colour scheme or theme to accessories such as these, as they might end up being a dominant feature of your summer party. And a sea of mismatched, dark-coloured and randomly-sized domes isn’t going to look great in your event photos.

As the sun goes down…

It’s always worth remembering that even on the hottest of summer’s days, the evenings get cold and you need to figure out how you’re going to keep your guests warm until the party finishes. Inside spaces, shawls and outdoor heaters are a few popular options, but make sure you speak to the team at your venue to find out what can be achieved for your event.


Not only can high winds play havoc with delicate decorations such a Chinese lanterns and bunting, but they can really scupper your guests’ enjoyment of proceedings, too. There’s nothing fun about being battered by the wind as you sip your Pimm’s cocktail, in fact, it can be pretty exhausting. Shelter in the form of a marquee or inside space is the best way to protect your attendees from gale force conditions.


Beverages are a useful tool in either cooling down or warming up summer party goers. Refreshing cocktails over ice and grown-up Slushies or hot chocolate and warm cider – there are lots of creative and delicious ways you can keep your attendees comfortable.


It doesn’t have to be raining on the day of your event for it to cause chaos. Heavy showers in the days preceding your party might turn a lovely lawn into a mud pit, so keep in touch with your venue in case you need to implement your plan B. Or, there might be a way by which you can protect your outside area before any damage is done. Keeping a close eye on the weather forecast in the lead up to your event is a good way to stay ahead of the game.


Speak to your venue about when the decision to abandon your outdoor plans needs to be taken. It might not be until the morning of the event, or it could be the day before. Making sure you are aware of the venue’s protocol and ensuring you are in the loop as the decision is made will give you space to prepare yourself to embrace your contingency.


Midges and other warm weather bugs can ruin summer events – wasps are even less fun. (And there’s always that one day of the year when the flying ants decide to take to the skies.) The times and places where bugs can cause problems aren’t set in stone, but it’s probably a good idea to ask your venue to speak to some other organisers who’ve hosted events at your chosen venue at a similar time of year in case there’s a consistent problem you need to know about.

Summer parties at Regent’s

At Regent’s we have a beautiful, ivory, lined marquee with retractable sides that resides on our York Lawns during the summer party season. It can act as a shelter from the rain and wind, a shade from bright sunlight and a warm refuge as the evening cools down. To find out more about how Regent’s can help you create a summer party your guests will remember for all the right reasons, contact us today.

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