Rethinking the use of a lecture theatre

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The lecture theatre, aptly named, can be very well used for lectures, conferences and presentations. The meticulous design of the spaces, with tiered seating and a clear focal point positioned for the entire audience to see, tends to lend itself to a whole host of other events too.

Our much-loved Tuke Hall comes with a rich history and catalogue of fond memories. It has hosted everything from the BBC’s Question Time to the iconic screenwriter Robert McKee’s Story Seminar series and multiple Bulgarian theatre productions. The hireable auditorium has been frequented by many big names over the years.

Here are our top picks for the event types best suited to a lecture theatre with tiered seating (aside from conferences and lectures).

Comedy shows and theatre productions

Many of us love to hide at the back of a comedy show and avoid eye contact with the comedian for fear of ridicule. Despite this, a tiered structure where a speaker or actor can see their whole audience, and vice versa, is the ideal.

For events where the audience is expected to sit still and quietly for a period of time, the comfort of the seating cannot be underestimated. The new, cushioned seating in Tuke Hall has seen constant feedback praising guest comfort. The tiered set up also tends to mean no strained necks.

The heating and ventilation system also needs to be carefully considered to keep the audience warm enough, and the actors cool enough as they work up a sweat on stage.

Award ceremonies

The grandeur, and structure, of a lecture theatre lends itself nicely to a prestigious awards ceremony. A stage visible by everybody in attendance, as well as a clear pathway from the audience to the stage, makes for an operational dream. While flat rooms in cabaret set-up are a popular choice for catered ceremonies, they can often cause issues with guests having their backs turned or seated too far away to see the entertainment. Choosing a venue with an auditorium for the ceremony and a large enough break out space for catering or networking is a good solution.

Controlled lighting and stage spotlights can also create the right ambience for a special occasion recognising award-worthy individuals. Layered curtains in Tuke Hall can control natural light through every season too.

Musical productions and performances

Acoustics are a major factor in successful shows and therefore the sound proofing in an event space, as well as efficient and effective AV must be a key consideration. The use of upholstery and soft furnishings in Tuke Hall – long, thick curtains and cushioned seating helps prevent unnecessary echoing.

A central production booth raised above the main audience seating area also offers the perfect base to control sound and lighting without being intrusive or distracting. An optional large projector and HD monitors are great for sing-along events like carol concerts and choir practices that require accessible lyrics.

Filming locations

A space so perfectly suited to conferences and lectures also makes for a great filming location for said mock events. Shooting a university scene, an iconic product launch or a prestigious conference are just a few of the scenarios for filming set ups at Regent’s.

Plenty of break out areas for cast members, easy access for crew and props, with large double doors, ground floor access and on-site parking make Tuke Hall a great solution to central London filming projects. Particularly when uniquely partnered with four acres of private outdoor space right outside.

Find out more about the versatility of Tuke Hall and the endless opportunities for niche event types at Regent’s. Speak to a member of our team.

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