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The corporate-away-days held on the four-acre York Lawns at Regent’s are some of the most dynamic and creative events we host. Our events team work with some of the industry’s best games and activities companies so we can offer every organiser a tailor-made package to suit their brand’s ethos. If you think your team might enjoy a team building day, read on to learn more about the benefits and how to get it right.

Why host an away day?

Getting your staff away from their everyday environment and out into beautiful surroundings is a great way to inject a renewed sense of energy into a team. Fresh air and nature are good for the soul and when you throw in fun activities and amazing food, it’s bound to have a hugely positive effect on everyone involved.

Choosing your venue

Inspiring surroundings, lots of space and a convenient location are all important must-haves when weighing up your venue options. After these logistical factors have been taken care of, it’s also essential to assess the team you’ll be working with at the venue. An away day is all about creativity and giving your team a challenging, exhilarating experience so you need to be working with people who feel as passionately about your event as you do.

Activity ideas

There are numerous games and activities you can chose from that will give your guests an opportunity to get competitive, creative and build and strengthen relationships with their colleagues. Perhaps a full day of ‘It’s a Knock Out’-style physical activities would suit your staff? Maybe a softball tournament? Or even a soap box derby? Some of our clients find more low-key tasks like cookery challenges or mock forensic crime scene games work really well. Other have decide to combine the event with a night of fine dining and have hosted a murder mystery evening.

Food and drink

As well as providing an action-packed day in a fabulous venue, it’s also important to put a lot of thought into the catering at your team-building away day. Your guests will be expending a lot of energy throughout the event, and will need to be regularly refuelled! We always encourage clients to think of the catering at their away day as part of the overall experience by adding in an element of entertainment. Whether this is in the guise of ‘live’ outdoor cooking on street food stalls or a barbecue or a team of mixologists preparing and serving drinks, when a little bit of theatre is involved in proceedings it never fails to create a buzz.

And finally…

There needs to be some sort of conclusion to an away day. Unlike lots of events including parties, receptions and dinners which tend to dwindle off into the small hours, team-building days require some sort of punctuation. A great way to do this is by giving out awards when all of the activities are over. As well as giving out prizes to winners and those who really excelled themselves, it’s also worth giving out some ‘wooden spoons’ to keep things light-hearted. For example Most Impressive Wipe Out or Most Unusual Running Style.

Your away day at Regent’s

If you’d like to talk to one of our staff about holding your team-building away-day in our stunning, central London grounds.

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