Embrace informality with our new casual Aperitivo Weddings

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In response to couples searching for something a bit different, and keeping up with the latest wedding trends, we are offering a new type of wedding reception this year.

Inspired by the Catalunyan “Aperitiu a peu dret”, the concept will offer a more relaxed, less formal style of wedding celebration. With no formal seating, impromptu speeches and a variety of food offerings from tapas to bowl food, along with the traditional “Aperitivo” antipasti starter course offered at Italian weddings, we have combined both styles to take advantage of the fantastic outside space at Regent’s.

Allowing for an extended “graze”, the food is served over a four-hour period, and in no particular order, and provides a great variety of flavours and dishes that keep guests talking and mingling without the formality that can sometimes seem very daunting to newly-weds.

Weddings Co-ordinator, Valentina Andreoli, said “The Aperitivo” menu has proven to be very appealing to our clients who are looking to imprint their individual style onto their special day. It lends itself well to the relaxed atmosphere of the lawns and provides a different way of celebrating for our happy couples.”

Find out more about our large wedding venue at Regent’s here.

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