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Getting engaged is an exciting time, but it can also leave couples feeling slightly overwhelmed at the prospect of having to organise their wedding. The pressure of creating ‘the best day of your life’ can prove a little stressful for some, but fear not. We can help you with the first, and arguably the biggest decision you’ll need to make during the planning process. Choosing your wedding venue.


There are a lot of things to factor into this decision, so the best thing to do is to break it down and look at each one in turn so you can narrow down your search.


Where you hold your wedding will have a huge influence on which of your invitees will be able to attend. Older relatives might find traveling too far a challenge, parents of younger children might struggle to find overnight babysitters if they need to stay in a hotel and the cost of travel and accommodation might be prohibitive for some. Choosing a location with great public transport links, a range of rooms nearby and proximity to as many guests’ homes as possible will make a big difference to your guests.



Draw up your guest list, being realistic about how many people you think will actually be able to make it on your big day. If you and your partner have decided that these are the people you want to share your day with, don’t look at any venues that can’t cater for this number.



Your guests are going to talk about the speeches, the outfits, the flowers and the music for weeks after your wedding. But the one thing that will be discussed above and beyond all of these details, is the food and drinks. It’s likely that the venues you’re looking at will insist you use their in-house caterers, so scrutinise them as closely as you do the venue itself. Ask to see sample menus and research their reputation before you commit.



Talk to the Wedding Team at each venue about the finances and your budget before you begin your visits. Falling in love with somewhere you can’t afford is going to set an unrealistic benchmark you won’t be able to reach. It’s also worth making sure you ask the team upfront about the extras. Is there corkage? Do you need to hire their furniture? A good wedding venue will help you with your budget and make sure you’re aware of all the costs you might incur.



If you’re planning on getting married in the warmer months of the year and would like to hold parts of your ceremony or reception outside, make sure you understand what the inclement weather contingency is at each venue. Try and picture your wedding day in the Plan B space – if it doesn’t work for you, then that venue is the wrong choice.



Don’t be afraid to ask to be put in touch with couples who have held a similar wedding at each shortlisted venue. Their experience and advice could prove invaluable and will give you the chance to get honest answers to questions you might not feel comfortable asking the staff about.


The team

The wedding team at any venue is going to play a large part in making your day special and memorable. Make sure you know who you’re going to be dealing with during the planning and on the day itself as this relationship is going to be a really important one.


‘The one’

Once all the logistics above have been ticked off your list, the final decision on a wedding venue always comes down to emotions. As with knowing you’ve found the right person to spend the rest of your life with, finding the right venue should be as much about that feeling of ‘just knowing’ as making sure it ticks all the right boxes. Try to be aware of how you feel the first time you walk into a place and trust any nagging doubts you have if it simply doesn’t feel right.


Your Regent’s wedding

Regent’s is situated in private, secluded gardens found within Regent’s Park. The venue is just a short walk from Baker Street tube station and makes an ideal choice for couples looking to tie the knot in the summer months. The lush lawns and mature gardens provide an idyllic backdrop for any wedding reception and our beautiful, ivory marquee can be opened out or snuggly sealed up depending on the weather. To discuss your dates, numbers and ideas, contact us or give the team a call on 020 7487 7540.

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