How to choose the perfect wedding favours

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There are so many ways you can make your wedding memorable. The speeches, outfits, venue… it all goes towards the overall vision and feel of the day. But often, it’s the small things that have the biggest impact. Wedding favours are a fabulous tradition that give a couple the chance to give their guests a little keepsake from their special day. We’ve seen lots of couples tie the knot at Regent’s and wanted to share with you some of the best wedding favours we’ve seen.


Lavender, sunflowers, peonies, strawberries… there are endless options as to which seeds you give your guests to sow on their return home from your wedding. You could tie your choice in with the area in which you’re getting married, your colour scheme, menus or flower arrangements to help keep the memory of your wedding going long after the day itself.

Lottery ticket

Buy each of your guests a lucky dip for the Saturday night after your nuptials. Although you won’t all be together when the numbers are drawn, it will be a lovely thought to imagine everyone checking their tickets and reminiscing about the day while you’re lounging on a beach somewhere exotic for your honeymoon. (You might also be giving one of your guests a life-changing present – no one will forget that in a hurry!)

Jams, pickles and preserves

If you’re a bit handy in the kitchen, why not make a (very) large batch of something you can pop into pretty jars and give away as a favour at your wedding? You could even write individual labels on each jar to make it a very personal gift.


You can either buy or make your own candles to give away. The benefit of making your own is that you can tailor-make the fragrance to echo the scent of the flowers from your bouquet or just add your favourite essential oils to the mix. Small jam jars make great pots for your homemade candles and you can add ribbons to add a touch of colour and texture.


Does your wedding have a signature drink? Or are you and your other half well-known for your love of a particular spirit? Giving away miniatures as your wedding favours gives your guests a chance to toast you both when they are back in their everyday lives and to re-live a little bit of the magic they enjoyed on your special day.

Decoration or ornament

If you happen to be having a Christmas wedding, then giving away a Christmas tree bauble is a lovely way to give your guests a gift that they really will enjoy for years to come. A hanging decoration gift will also work for weddings throughout spring, summer and autumn too.

CD of your playlist

What better way to let your guests re-live your wedding than by burning them all a CD of the best songs from the night? Create a cover with a picture of the two of you and a little message of thanks for coming and you’ll have a great gift that your friends and family will really enjoy.

Your Regent’s wedding or civil partnership

We have a hugely experienced and highly creative wedding team and they pride themselves on going the extra mile for our couples tying the knot. Whether you’re looking to have a large, outdoor reception or an intimate gathering for a handful of guests, we’ll have the perfect event space for you. Give them a call to discuss your vision and dates.

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